about us

We met on Haida Gwaii — love at first sight and site

We Like Wood

So much so that we beach-combed logs, towed them to the mill, had them custom cut into boards which we then hand-sanded. Needing someplace to put them, we built some cabins in the dunes.

The Joys Of Being Off-Grid

The cabins are built to provide a pleasant and easy adjustment to being off-the-grid. They heat with woodstoves or propane. All have cooking facilities. A high quality cooler is provided for refrigeration.  We live on the property which is designed to provide privacy, you may not see us but we are there should you need us.

Our goal is to provide comfort within a wild setting. No cabin is visible from another, and all are within easy walking distance via paths. It is low-footprint accommodation in a lush rainforest environment with fresh ocean air. There is no wifi but you will get cellphone reception on the beach, which is sandy and immense. We have two white dogs that may bark upon your arrival. They are our doorbell. One in particular is desperate to play fetch.

We have recently installed a solar array and will soon have light and limited power to the cabins. Until then there are plenty of supplied battery powered lights. If you need your devices charged there is a central spot available to you.


About The Beach

Changes everyday with the tide. Never know what’s gonna wash up.



Harv on log

There are razor clams and dungeness crab for harvesting depending on season and regulations.. We provide nets and waders on a share basis. Plus the beach is sand, and perfectly safe for kids as there are no currents or riptides.

Bring your wet suit and gear or check out the local surf shop North Beach Surf Shop. Because we are in the Pacific flyway for migrating birds, there are many species of shore and sea birds.

Sitka deer are everywhere and bears inhabit the island but not the beaches. Beach fires can be made at the tide line from driftwood.

Wonderful sunsets and long twilight are the rule as the sun drops into the ocean.

us building

Our Mission

we’ve had alot of fun, literally, building this business. It’s a world of it’s own. Come see for yourself and catch the Haida Gwaii vibe.