All the Beach You Can Eat

swanky off-grid beach cabins on Haida Gwaii

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Sleep in a well-appointed, beach cabin on Haida Gwaii. Experience more sandy beach than you can walk in a day — ocean surf front door, rainforest back door. And Yup, we built them, board by board, nail by galvanized nail.
but shhh, it's a secret


Situated on North Beach, half-way between Masset and Tow Hill, within Naikoon Park, our comfortable beach cabin accommodations are off-grid (no power) and out of this world — there's more to life than the ubiquitous plug in.

........ so come unplug and play.



North Beach is an un-manicured original treasure and our five unique beach cabins are designed to provide comfort within this wild setting. By allowing the properties natural rainforest ecosystem to thrive each cabin has its privacy, yet the interconnecting property paths provide easy visiting for groups and family reunions.


All cabins have hot rain-water showers, and an outhouse which is designed and built to be a delight rather than a fright. The cabins are comfortably furnished and the kitchens are well-appointed. Unfortunately, there's no dishwasher, other than the designated person with whom you travel. Plus there is a Weber BBQ on every porch.
frogmore bed

cellphone reception

You bet, no wifi, no TV, as we're past the grid.
It's all about nature, but you can still get cell phone reception on this beautiful, remote Haida Gwaii beach, at low tide.

lapping wave on sand

five equally unique cabins

Pack your bags and come watch the sun set into the ocean from Sweetypie or Ravenshoe. Want more action? Then grab the surf, North Beach Surf Shop, or fly a kite or ride a bike then nestle into the calm of the dunes in Frogmore, Octopus or Whale House and cook up some vittles.

5 cabins-at-a-glance.


sun setting in ocean

Lisa Sweanor/Rich Schultz

As we are on the edge of cell service, phone conversations and voice messages are often garbled. If you leave a message and do not receive a reply please email or text.
Hands down Email is the best way to reach us. 


indeed, we are pet-friendly!